Holding On by Vida and Josh WeinsteinHolding On
A novel by Vida and Joshua Weinstein

“Holding On” is a co-authored novel based on a true story about sixteen-year-old Sam, an intelligent, artistic and sensitive young man, whose cancer diagnosis leaves him and his mother grasping their souls, amidst a fight for his life against the most mysterious disease known to man.

Sam and his mother had been enjoying their seemingly quiet and healthy lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles, yet nothing could have prepared them for the day they went to the doctor’s office to have a chest x-ray and learned Sam had a huge malignant tumor inside his chest wall and need to be hospitalized immediately. They are told that if aggressive treatment is not done within the next 24 hours, the immense tumor in his chest will internally strangle him.

Determined to survive this cunning disease, Sam and his mother, Isabelle, embark on a voyage through wretched storms of pain, near death experiences, and the fear of the unknown. The bond between them is strengthened as their challenges grow more intense through his surgery, grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and radiation. The pair discover that their love for each other and Sam’s love of painting are their only hope in winning this battle and reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

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