Marriage Support

Bonding, Personal Boundaries, & Conflict Resolution

Are you recently married? Been married a long time? How's it going? How does your marriage feel to you today? Are you happy with yourself in this relationship? Do you and partner have respectful and mindful boundaries in place in your relationship? If no, then why not?

Have you lost your sense of yourself? There are two individuals in a marriage relationship, and unless each of you maintains a real sense of who you are individually, chances are it won't last.

Do you communicate regularly with your partner about the relationship? Have you grown personally or floundered?

These are but a few of the questions that we will explore together as we work our way through whatever challenges may be facing you individually or as couple. Together, we will build a set of tools and skills that will empower you from within. These new skills will either help you grow as a couple or allow you to move forward with your individual lives. It's all up to you!!

marriage counseling


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