Parenting Support

Challenges with Teens, Reframing Relationships as Maturation Occurs, & Decision Making Skills

The decision to become a parent is monumental, yet it does not include a rule book to teach you how to raise your child once they are born. There are a myriad of how-to books out there, but none of them necessarily applies to the unique needs or personality that your child might have. These books may also not be in alignment with how you perceive yourself as a parent, so what are you to do?

Most parents just “wing it” and hope for the best. This is usually not a wise choice for many reasons because if you don't process your own childhood conflicts, you are likely to carry them into your children's lives and project your own conflicts onto them. I have seen this happen over and over again with parents of kids at all different ages from 5 to 25 and more:

  1. The first thing we will work on is having you understand and process your own internal conflicts as they relate to the conflicts you are having with your child at the present time. Only then, will you be able to offer your child the guidance they need.
  2. Your kids need your guidance no matter what their age. You need to learn how to deliver that guidance in a way that they can hear it: not as threat or ultimatum, but as imparting knowledge and insight they can welcome and grow from.
  3. Your kids need your help in resolving conflicts and making decisions. You need to know how to deliver that guidance in such a way that they will welcome it and not push you and it away.
  4. Many times, parents project onto their children who they want them to be as opposed to seeing them for who they are and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

These are but a few of the skills you will build as we craft the parenting tools you need to properly guide your child through various challenges and phases of their development.


parenting counseling

parenting counseling

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