Client Testimonials

Weight Loss and Self-Esteem Improvement

There is so much that goes into letting go of weight.  The physical “armor” that in some way serves and protects us.  It’s as they say an “inside job”.  After working with Vida, I am 20 plus pounds less. It is a daily work in progress where Vida is there skillfully and unconditionally supporting me every step of the way. I have truly never met anyone like her before and I mean that in the very best way possible!  This journey with Vida has been truly life changing.

~Bethany, 36

My name is Victor and I am 61 years old and 5’6”.  At the start of my work with Vida, my weight was 173 pounds, I had liver disease and my liver function was 4 time the normal. I had high blood pressure and was taking four different pills, and had high cholesterol (40 mg Lipitor).

At that specific day, the Dr. tells me that I am also diabetic and with all the other problems I have, I am at high risk for heart problems. My glucose was 166 and the Hgb A1c was 7.8 which is type 2 diabetic. So, he prescribes me Metformin and more blood pressure medication. At that moment, I knew that if I did not do something drastic I would die very soon.

I felt lost and full of despair.

On my way to the pharmacy to pick up the diabetic medication, I decided to call an old friend of mine to consult with since I knew she had knowledge in nutrition and is also a therapist who now does life coaching.

This call was the best call I ever made I my life.

Her name is Vida Weinstein.

Today, ‪04/2015, 6‬ month after my Dr. visit,  I am 136 pounds, liver function normal, cholesterol 108, Glucose 81 and Hgb A1c below 5.7 (no more diabetic). As far as Blood pressure, I am on 2 pills minimum dose and working with Vida to get rid of them completely.

I am in the best shape of my life.

If you want to know how to achieve this for yourself, contact her, she deserves all the credit for my transformation. She helped me understand why I was using food to medicate myself emotionally instead of facing my problems head on. I owe her for saving my life and if you are ready, she can help you as well. She is super easy to talk to, give her a call and see for yourself.

~ Victor, 61

Working with Vida allowed me to free myself of mindless binging with food. Once I was able to understand and identify the real reasons as well as the feelings that pushed me to reach for food between meals and at night, I was able to begin to stop the maddening cycle that I had been stuck on for years. SO many stories emerged during our sessions that allowed me to stop stuffing my feelings and start dealing with them. Learning to eat mindfully has allowed me to lose almost thirty lbs and I feel like a new woman.

~ Suzanne W, 46, ER Nurse

Committing to work my emotional eating issues with Vida has been a true blessing for me. I tried every “diet” on the planet and stuck to none of them. It was when we started to talk about my self-esteem and the stories behind my need to numb myself with food that I was able to begin to free myself of mindlessly using food to silence my soul. The questions she would ask me made it easier for me to get to the source of my pain and empowered me to rebuild my self-esteem one meal at a time. I have also lost 28 lbs along our journey and I couldn’t be happier!

~ Diana C, 43, Attorney

During my college years I gained close to 20 lbs. Graduate school packed on another 12 lbs. I lost 10 lbs before I got married but after my son was born I gained it all back and plus another 30 lbs. This weight gain affected my relationship with my wife in many levels and we decided to separate. This was when I realized that I needed to make a serious change in my life and understanding my emotional eating was a big part of that. working with Vida challenged me in ways that I never thought possible. It was gut wrenching process that has brought me a lot of clarity and peace of mind. I’ve lost 27 lbs so far and working to reframe my relationship with my wife. I love spending time with my son and enjoy my work immensely. We are not finished with our work, but I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all that I have been able to accomplish to date.

~ Brad B., 37, Engineer

Vida helped me step by step, day by day, pound by pound, to let go of 25 pounds. She worked individually with me to find out the “why”… the REAL TRUTH of the thoughts, patterns, and emotions to the overeating and soothing with food. Not as a diet. She showed me consistency, and that she believes in me, even when I didn’t or couldn’t believe in myself. It has been truly life changing to find movement, to use the gym as a “sanctuary”, to strengthen through stress, to love the transformation of my body, and to use foods as nourishment rather than punishment!

She helped me navigate getting off unecessary antidepressants that I tried many many times in the past with failure, while alao providing me with the correct natural supplements to remain healthier than I have ever been in my entire life.

I still have work to do, but… Wow! I feel empowered, knowledgeable, and healthier from the inside out. If you are reading this and want to Chooe YOU, Vida can and will help.

What are you waiting for? Our Health is Our Wealth.

~ Joanna

Vida helped me to reclaim my life following the ending of two dysfunctional long term relationships, one of them rife with emotional abuse and the other plagued by mental illness. When I came to Vida, I was suffering from chronic anxiety and PTSD, and co-dependency, and self-esteem challenges, all of them intertwined with each other. During the time we worked together, she helped me to process my triggers and improve my emotional intelligence. This has not only had a positive impact on my relationship with myself and others, but also led to positive improvements in other aspects of my life (e.g. my job) because I have more confidence in myself and a better ability to read and interact with those around me without letting stress and anxiety continue to run my life.

~ Adrienne, 34

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